Health Services

What’s keeping you up at night?

Managing and Controlling Costs Possible symptoms: Inflamed costs of health care, ERP and lost workdays; IT support deficiencies; uncontrollable operational costs.

Attracting and Hiring Employees Possible symptoms: Pressure to hire and manage seasonal employees and reduce time and costs to fill open positions; need to attract and recruit top candidates and verify candidates’ employment history.

Ensuring Efficient and Safe Operations Possible symptoms: Anxiety about paying employees accurately and on time; concerns over security and data privacy; pain from manually administering employee benefits and enrollments.

Increasing Employee Productivity Possible symptoms: Tension from heightened employee stress; the need to retain top employees; mandates to track employee development against core business goals.

Minimizing Risk of Non-compliance Possible symptoms: Soreness from manually handling payroll tax filing; the pain of keeping up with federal, state and local labor and tax laws and COBRA/HIPAA regulations.

Meeting Global Requirements Possible symptoms: Suffering from the need to have HR/payroll systems work seamlessly across your organization; pain from the need to provide multilingual EAP and Work-Life services.

Making Strategic Business Decisions Possible symptoms: Straining to find and implement an HR/payroll system that accommodates organizational changes; the need for an IT expert to develop and distribute reports.

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